The Conventional Canvas

A ten year period of work motivated by a consideration of the conventions of picture-making on a rectangular shaped canvas gave rise to paintings, prints and installations.
Kapiti I, Kapiti II  1977
 Each work 2000x2000mm
acrylic on torn canvas on stretched cotton
exhibited at X Quadriennale d'Arte,
Palazzo della Esposiitizione, Rome, Italy 1977
The End of the Conventional Canvas III 1983
acrylic on cotton, twine,  c
onté on wall (nfs)
Blue Or Purple 1971
acrylic on canvas
The First Axes 1975
acrylic on cotton (nfs)
Axis Series (Isole) 4  1977
acrylic on torn canvas
Trieste VI  1974
acrylic and charcoal on jute
Blue, Orange, Green  1971
each work 500x600mm
acrylic on canvas
Private Collection