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Kapiti I, Kapiti II  1977
 Each work 2000x2000mm
acrylic on torn canvas on stretched cotton
exhibited at X Quadriennale d'Arte,
Palazzo della Esposiitizione, Rome, Italy 1977
The Conventional Canvas

A ten year period of work motivated by a consideration of the conventions of picture-making on a rectangular shaped canvas gave rise to paintings, prints and installations.
Blue, Orange, Green  1971
each work 500x600mm
acrylic on canvas
Private Collection
Axis Series (Isole) 4  1977
acrylic on torn canvas
Trieste VI  1974
acrylic and charcoal on jute
Blue Or Purple 1971
acrylic on canvas
The First Axes 1975
acrylic on cotton (nfs)
The End of the Conventional Canvas III 1983
acrylic on cotton, twine,  c
onté on wall (nfs)
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